People behind PlanetCare

At PlanetCare we believe in good. Good materials. Good deals. Good people. A better world. 🌎

We are a small and very passionate group of enthusiasts, coming from very different backgrounds and united through the same cause – caring about our planet. Lawyers, engineers, economists, tax accountants,... – what keeps us together is our firm belief that we must actively look for solutions for a better and healthier environment. As passion alone is enough, our characteristics of appreciating efficiency also comes in handy. Agile and goal oriented, we are committed to search for solutions that can help us take a better care of our planet.

Once a solution is found, our ultimate goal is to bring it to life. Be it through investors, producers, legislative propositions,… Our PlanetCare filter is a solution that can massively improve the quality or our waters and so far the only built-in system that prevents the microfibres to be released into washing machine waste water and enter our environment.

Watch the story of our founder and CEO Mojca Zupan presented at Plastic Health Summit 2019

Our small but passionate team 👋 

We're always looking for new talent

There are currently no open positions, but we are always looking for new talents who want to become part of our PlanetCare journey! You can always send an open application to