The most efficient washing machine filter ever designed. 

Stop microfiber pollution now, start with your laundry.

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Your Laundry Is Making You Sick

Over 35% of microfibers in the ocean come from our washing machines. That's because every time we wash our synthetic clothes, they shed thousands of tiny plastics pieces that go into the wastewater, enter our ecosystem and end up in the food we eat.

We believe it's time that we stop polluting oceans and our drinking water with plastics.

Together, we're creating a better future for our children. 


Laundry Without Microplastics 

Simply install a filter to your washing machine and catch thousands of tiny microfibers every time you do your laundry. 

PlanetCare filter is the first washing machine filter with scientifically proven efficiency to stop 90% of microfibers with every laundry wash. 

Independently tested by the National Institute of Chemistry in Slovenia, the National Research Council in Italy, and by the Swedish Environmental Agency.

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The goal is not only to catch microfibers... It's about 'What happens with the fibers after we catch them?

The PlanetCare filter is the only closed-loop solution, making sure that no microfibers get released into the environment. Ever. 

We collect all used cartridges for free to recycle microfibers and refurbish cartridges for future use!


Discover Our Powerful Solution

Starter Packs

Get everything you need to start filtering microfibers from your laundry wastewater.

Refill Cartridges

Easily replace cartridges once they get full of sludge and send the used once back to us for recycling. 

Trusted By Customers

Approved by researchers and NGOs. Loved by people worldwide.

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"Once you have acknowledged and understood the plastic pollution problem, why would you not want to start with reducing your own contributions to the microplastic problem? The PlanetCare filter is crucial to catching those microplastics which shed when we wash our clothes, and it helps us visualise the issue, because when you remove the used filter the evidence is obvious!"

- Eve, UK 





The Joint Impact

52 plastic bags saved per household every year

Every household with a PlanetCare filter saves 52 plastic bags per year from being released into rivers and oceans.

500 tons stopped
in 5 years

PlanetCare users will stop over 500 tons of microfiber emissions from entering into the wastewater in the next 5 years.

1 legislation

As of January 2025, all new washing machines in France will have to include a filter to stop synthetic clothes from polluting our waterways. 

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