Laundry without microplastic

Stop microfiber pollution now, start with your washing machine.


Where you heard about us

A simple way to stop microfiber pollution at home

Here's to the true Earth lovers. Those determined to a more sustainable laundry routine. PlanetCare's mission is to help you stop releasing microplastics from your laundry into the ocean. 

Powerful filtering

The first and only washing machine filter with proven efficiency to stop 90% of microfibers. 

Easy installation

Install the filter in 10 minutes to an outside of any standard washing machine.


We collect used cartridges to refurbish and recycle them. No microfibers get released into oceans.

Eco-friendly shipping

Cartridges are sent in bulk to minimize the number of shipments and reduce the carbon footprint.

Pollution stops here. It's simple.

1. Get your washing machine filter

Order your filter and replacement cartridges. You can subscribe to get new cartridges delivered to your door every six months.  

2. Replace & recycle cartridges

Install the filter on the outside of your washing machine and do your laundry as usual. After the cartridge is full of microfibers, replace it.  

3. Save the ocean 

Send the used cartridges back to us (for free) so we can recycle microfibers, as well as refurbish cartridges for future use. 


Trusted by customers

Approved by researchers. Loved by NGOs.


"With 60% of all textiles being made from plastic fibres, every time we do our laundry we are seriously harming our planet with the release of microfibres out into our waterways. 😳  PlanetCare filter is a simple and easy way of catching microplastics in every wash."


"For years, I've been raising the awareness about the plastic pollution and ran organised beach cleans in the UK. We will continue removing what's already there but I'm really glad that PlanetCare filters are finally stopping our microfibers from entering the ocean in the first place."


"PlanetCare filter is a fantastic solution to reduce micro plastic pollution in the oceans. I’m so happy to be able to use it and be part of the solution, not pollution!"

Why choose PlanetCare? Our filters catch 90% of microfibers that shed from synthetic materials and stop them from being released into oceans.

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Get To Know: PlanetCare Founder and Environmental Activist, Mojca Zupan

Mojca quit her career as a corporate lawyer to change the way we do laundry forever. After learning about microplastics pollution she founded PlanetCare that changed the narrative of sustainable living and paved the way for policy changes.

"What we're doing goes way beyond conscience clearing. It's time we convince policymakers to make microfiber filters in washing machines mandatory. The same that has already been done with catalytic converters for reducing pollution from vehicles. Thank you for sharing our vision, we can't make it without you!"

Meet people behind PlanetCare