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PlanetCare filters are specifically designed to catch fibres shed from textiles and clothes during washing and drying. The thickness and the length of shed fibres primarily depend on the structure and composition of the textile but also on washing /drying conditions (e.g. machine used, program, temperature, detergent, load etc.) In general, fibres have thicknesses of 10 micrometres or more and a very broad range of lengths.

The PlanetCare filters, subject of innovation (International patent pending; international application number: PCT/SI2017/000019), is a simple, yet efficient solution for removing microfibrers from washing machine waste water. The central part of the system is microfiltration of water based on electrically charged fibres and membrane nano-technology with a self-cleaning function.


Built in filter image

PlanetCare Built-in filter

Planet Care developed a state-of-the-art microfibre filter designed to be built into washing machines by appliance producers. The filter has been succesfully tested and we are in discussion with several interested producers. 

As soon as we make sufficient progress we will inform you which machines will contain our technology. In the meantime we invite you to bypass appliance producers and go ahead and install one of our domestic line of filters on your existing machines. 


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PlanetCare Add-on filter

For all who are not prepared to wait for washing machines with built-in filters to hit the stores, we have viable solutions that can be added onto your existing washing machine.
We offer two add-on filters:
- an external filtering unit which is essentially equal to the built in filter
- a filter that replaces the existing drain pump filter so that it catches microfibres


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PlanetCare Industrial filter

PlanetCare industrial filter is our most recent development and functions as a separate external unit for facilities which are a large and constant source of fibers. It covers up to 10 washing machines. It is a relevant and impactful solution for users with large laundry facilities, such as hospitals, hotels, marinas and similar. Also, the solution is perfectly suitable in fashion/textile industry or for waste water treatment facilities. In a fully automated process no chemicals are used.