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PlanetCare is the winner of the 'proven solution' category in the Zero Microplastics Challenge.

By seamlessly integrating into the laundry routine, PlanetCare offers a proven-effective way to stop pollution coming out of washing machines when we wash synthetic clothes.  

Independent Testing Results

Laundry releases trillions of plastic microfibers into the ocean and is an emerging threat to ocean health. PlanetCare microfiber filters were put to the test by RISE Research Institutes of Sweden in their Zero Microplastics Challenge. The results were clear: microfiber pollution can be effectively stopped at home!  

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The fight against ocean pollution begins at home

The winning solution is a retrofit microfiber filter that is easily installed to any washing machine. However, just as important as capturing microfibers before they get washed down the drain, is making sure they're properly recycled. By providing a complete Closed-Loop service, PlanetCare makes sure microfibers never end up on land, in rivers, or in oceans.

Catch 90% of all microfibers in every laundry load

Microfibers come in different sizes and the PlanetCare patent-pending filtration systems was designed with specifically that in mind. Filters catch 90% of all microfibers during every wash, which is by far the most effective solution available today. 

This filter could stop 8,6 tonnes of microfibers every day 

700,000 microfibers get released during an average load of laundry. That's one plastic grocery bag thrown into the ocean per week in every household!

That amounts to 3,500tn plastic microfibers from clothes washing in the US and Canada ending up in the sea each year(1). Evidence shows that a simple filter can stop this pollution. 

1) Vassilenko, Watkins, Chastain, Posacka, Ross "Me, My Clothes and the Ocean", Ocean Wise Science Feature


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