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Refill 12-Pack

Refill 12-Pack

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Unlike other microfiber-catching solutions, PlanetCare makes sure fibers are not only caught but also properly recycled. With our unique Closed-Loop service we collect all your used cartridges and make sure that microfibers are properly repurposed and cartridges refurbished for future use.

This refill contains 12 clean PlanetCare 2.0 filter cartridges to last you up to 360 washes.

What's in the box?

• Includes 12 PlanetCare replacement filter cartridges.

• Each cartridge lasts up to 20 laundry washes, depending on the materials washed.

• Cartridges are 100% recycled and refurbished via closed-loop service.

Act for the planet by filtering wastewater that comes from your washing machine and stop microfiber pollution!


PlanetCare ships filters and replacement cartridges worldwide. ✈️ 

We ship orders twice a week. Shipping costs vary from country to country and depend also on the weight of your order. Exact costs are calculated during the checkout process. 

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Subscribe for auto-refill

Subscribe for €7.50/month and automatically receive new cartridges whenever you need them. Every time you run out of cartridges, simply return the used ones to PlanetCare for refurbishment and we will automatically ship you the new ones. This Auto-Refill service is available WORLDWIDE. For returning used cartridges shipping is FREE.

Our Closed-Loop Solution

PlanetCare washing machine filter is the first and only solution that stops 90% of microfibers and takes care of the whole cycle for a completely closed loop. 

Each filter comes with reusable cartridges that you simply replace once they're full of microfibers and send them back to us so we can properly refurbish them for future use.  

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Need help?

We get it, saving the world from microfiber pollution can be overwhelming! We’re here for you, and ready to answer your microfiber questions.

Check out our Help Center or drop us a message at!👋

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