People behind PlanetCare

You know the David vs. Goliath story, right?

Well, our team is David, a small start-up fighting microfiber pollution caused by doing our laundry. 🧺 ⚠️

And then there are some Goliaths around 😳, with massive advertising budgets, overpromising effectiveness results and no users. Go figure...😁

Since 2017 PlanetCare has developed its first integrated microfiber filter for washing machines, its first external, add-on filter, and its first commercial filter (for big-time users). And who are all our Davids behind all this?

Meet the team behind our innovation. PlanetCare filters are the only zero waste filtering solution and these are the passionate people behind it: commited to constant improvements, agile and goal oriented and above all – always there for you!

Watch the story of our founder and CEO Mojca Zupan presented at Plastic Health Summit 2019

  • Mojca Zupan

    Founder & CEO

    PlanetCare's founder, CEO and heart & soul of the company. Her passion for a cleaner environment doesn't let her stop for a minute and the planet without her would be (even more) full with microfibers. A corporate lawyer in her past life, she changed her career after seeing a photo exhibition on marine litter with her kids. Being a mother of three, she sees our responsibility to what kind of planet we leave for the future generations very seriously. And that is pretty much how the PlanetCare filters were born.

  • Dr. Miha Vrhovec

    Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer

    A valuable combination of his engineering degree in electronics and a PhD in robotics was just the right springboard. But if he weren't interested in saving the planet, it would mean nothing. When he is not dealing with science, he enjoys the full connection with nature - snowboarding, mountain biking or mountaineering. Values people who have something meaningful to say and appreciates exactness. IImagine, how wonderfully this translates in his work for our filters. Exactly!

  • Dr. Andrej Kržan

    Co-Founder & Chief Science Officer

    He is our professor/scientist. His whole working career is devoted to sustainability issues of plastics. He is impatient and joined the team to see scientific evidence be used and lead to meaningful positive impact. We appreciate his rather dry sense of humour. And, obviously, he is a cat person.

  • Dušan Matičič

    Chief Marketing Officer

    Not your typical marketing guy, Dušan is a professor of geography and has a bachelor’s degree in sociology of culture. The shift into marketing kind of happened naturally, after learning the tricks of the (content) trade at a financial newspaper for several years. As a passionate windsurfer and kitesurfer he learned the problem of (micro)plastic pollution riding the waves of Canary islands, Morocco and roaming the beaches of Greece with his family in their trusty old camper. Oh, and did we mention he’s a specialty coffee roaster?

  • Miha Flisek

    R&D Engineer

    He is a mechanical engineer, interested in individual human longevity. That, of course, includes a microfibre-free life. He values meritocracy and follows the philosophy of objectivism. And then there is tennis – not only does he love to play, in his spare time he optimizes rackets and prepares strategy for professional players.

  • Lenche Gjorgjioski

    R&D Engineer

    She finished her masters in mechanical engineering and is our R&D engineer, responsible for mechanical design of the products and solving problems connected with the construction of the filters. Pretty complex, huh? Her other full-time role is that of a mother of two. Two small kids. So talking with Lenche about leisure time is for her more of an unknown subject, but she looks forward to do more travelling again.

  • Nina Nemec

    Lab Research Analyst

    She runs the tests in our lab. One laundry after the other, one filter after another, this cartridge, that cartridge – she detects the smallest of differences, compare the results and analyze them. So that as a result we have the best and most efficient filters there are. Proven! She is an environmental engineer who chose not to live in the urban environment, with a powerful love for mountains and books.

  • Katka Turk

    Lab Research Analyst

    Katka joined our team for a summer internship and then she hasn't left. She also works in our lab. She studies chemical engineering and is determined to apply her knowledge to save the planet. When not in our lab she can be found bicycling to her gymnastics trainings or somewhere out of the city. Friends, family and nature. Not necessarily in that order.

  • David Planinšek

    CAD Constructor

    He's responsible for mechanical design. And also, if there is anything to assemble or to repair - he's the guy! Would you like to guess what he does in his spare time? Well, of course - he builds stuff in a shed ! Or searches the internet for anything science. So, naturally, he'd enroll in two colleges after high school – mechanical engineering and physics, but decided to dedicate most of his time to our microfibre free future!

  • Dr. Ahmed Pašič

    Customer Service

    He is the kindest soul on earth and definitely one of the most knowledgeable people we've ever met. Sincere and tolerant and soft spoken – he takes his job with utmost responsibility. A B.Sc. in Communication, a M.Sc. in Political Science and a Ph.D. in Social Anthropology. Oh. And he writes books. Currently 7 (seven!) of them are published.

  • Marjana Lavrič Šulman

    The Brand Person

    She is passionate about people, brands and organisations doing the right thing. She believes that to be kind to the people and to the planet is the ultimate answer to a better world. Her spare time? She can totally relate to Cicero's quote that a room without books is like a body without a soul. When not reading, she spends her time with the family, preferably outdoors. She likes to refer to nature as to her religion.

  • Klavdija Pavlovski

    E-commerce Marketing Manager

    She has graduated in Business Administration and Econonomics, and specialised in marketing. The digital technologies have been her passion since… forever. Curious by default, she is the definition of a self-learning enthusiast. Plus - every meaningful course or workshope there was – she took it. When she is not experimenting with the latest trends, she hikes (take that, Kilimanjaro!), travels, and enjoys nature in general.

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We're always looking for new talent

There are currently no open positions, but we are always looking for new talents who want to become part of our PlanetCare journey! You can always send an open application to our e-mail.