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We’re right there with you! However, the road to passing new legislation is long and winding and, in the end, every little thing helps. Scroll down to see how PlanetCare users already fuelled the change in France, where washing machine filters will be mandatory from 2025.

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It all starts at home.

The fact is that our laundry pollutes. When we wash our synthetic clothes, they release plastic microfibers. To be exact, every week an average household dumps about one plastic bag worth of microfibers into the waste water. With PlanetCare washing machine filter everyone can now capture 90% of these microfibers before they're washed down the drain

But how does installing a filter change policy?

You might be asking yourself why does this have to be solved by individuals
The reason is very simple. Before policymakers can recommend new rules, they need to find solutions that work in real-life. And to convince them to make microfiber filters mandatory, we need as many people as possible providing the proof that this can be done. 

We already did it in France!

When France was passing their groundbreaking anti-waste law, we were able to provide the proof because PlanetCare is an efficient solution that has already been adopted by thousands of users across the globe. Now, all new washing machines in France will be equipped with a microfiber filter from 2025 on. We're actively involved in conversations with other governments too and with your help we're making the change happen!

How can you help?

Many countries are getting more serious about legislating microfiber pollution. And when the time comes, they’ll again be looking whether this is something that people want. By getting a microfiber filter today, you’ll show them this is what we and the Earth needs.


"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."

- Margaret Mead

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Independently tested by scientists in labs with global reputation. Officially endorsed by Swedish Environmental Agency. 

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With our unique Closed-Loop service we collect your used cartridges for free to recycle microfibers and refurbish cartridges for future use!

1 legislation passed,
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Together with our passionate community we helped convince France to make filters mandatory from 2025. 

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"PlanetCare is the most efficient microfiber-catching solution on the market."

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