PlanetCare Commercial Filtering Solutions

Integrating our microfiber filtration solution into commercial washing machines not only addresses microplastic pollution, but also aligns with sustainability initiatives, emphasizing an environmentally-conscious approach.

The commercial microfiber filter is the perfect solution for the service industry using larger washing machines, such as launderettes, smaller hotels, sports facilities, marinas, yachts etc.

Larger washing machines working round the clock release more microfibers into the environment than domestic washing.

The Planet Care commercial self-cleaning microfiber filter is ingeniously designed for high-flow commercial washing machines, effectively removing plastic fibers from wastewater for an eco-friendly laundry solution.

Our energy-efficient filter is low-maintenance, with a customizable modular design and fits snugly under your washing machine (or next to it) and ensures peak performance.

It ensures your sustainability goals, and is user friendly.

If necessary, it can be a tailored solution: we will work closely with you to ensure the filter will integrate seamlessly into your existing set-up.


Key Features of Commercial Filtering Solutions

  • No additional water consumption

  • Long autonomy

    (up to 100 washing cycles)

  • Minimal energy use and user interference

  • Self-cleaning function

  • Modular design for a seamless integration into diverse washing machine setups

  • Compact size

  • Compatibility with up to three machines per filter

  • Seamless operation with gravity discharge systems, capture 98% of microfibers per wash

  • Exchangable fiber storage bags

  • Smart system taking care of maintenance schedule

  • No effect on washing machine warranties

Technical Information

  • No need for additional pumps or exchangeable filter cartridges.

  • Removal of stored fibre fromself-cleaning and collection oflarge debris from pre-filter.

As each situation is a bit different, please contact us directly.