PlanetCare Commercial Filtering Solutions


The commercial microfiber filter is the perfect solution for the service industry using larger washing machines, such as launderettes, smaller hotels, sports facilities, marinas etc.

Larger washing machines working round the clock release more microfibers into the environment than domestic washing.


You can now stop these emissions by installing PlanetCare high-capacity commercial filter. This is a tailored solution: we will work closely with you to ensure the filter will integrate seamlessly into your existing set-up.

The commercial filter functions along the same principles as our external filter. It uses exchangeable cartridges and does not use chemicals or electricity. The filter is adapted to accommodate very high water flows, it has a small footprint and is designed for easy maintenance. Daily monitoring and the exchange of cartridges take only minutes from your busy schedule.

Still, each situation is a bit different, so please contact us directly to define the best route ahead.

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