Fibrestop Project

In the future you will be able to buy a machine that will already be equipped with a fibre filter. It will be seamlessly integrated into the washing machine and will automatically stop the microplastic fiber pollution.

Today this is a dream.

With PlanetCare this dream will soon become a reality!

In 2020 PlanetCare received a highly competitive European Innovation Council Accelerator grant to start the Fibrestop project: a two-year project during which we will fully develop a microfibre filter that will be built into a washing machine. Integrating the filter into the machine opens many possibilities that are not possible with an external filter:

  • A single filter will last for months
  • More than 95 % of fibers will be caught
  • The machine will follow & report on the filter functioning 
  • … and PlanetCare will make sure that fibers will be recycled!

During the project we will establish direct links with washing machine producers to adapt the filter to different machines. The end of the project will be immediately followed by commercialization of new machines with an integrated, efficient filter, and your household will no longer send fibers into the environment.

We will keep you posted about the progress!


Did you ever take a look at your laundry machine filter and thought about where all that lint even came from? Take the survey and share your opinion on microfiber pollution. Together we can stop it!


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“It's a great honour to be selected among thousands of other innovative solutions. With so many transformative businesses pursuing the vision of living in a better, healthier, environment as well as building a cohesive and inclusive society, I am very hopeful for the future. At PlanetCare we will continue to work passionately towards fully stopping the harmful microfiber pollution. This grant brings us closer to making oceans plastic-free again and we are grateful for the opportunity to support the recovery plan for Europe.”

- Mojca Zupan, PlanetCare Founder & CEO 

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