Kids for plastic-free ocean

We've pushed ecosystems to the edge and now we have to make sure to turn this around and leave the future generations with a healthy, thriving, and non-polluted environment. Along the way, and leading by example, we must also teach our kids how to live sustainably and within the planet's boundaries.

That's why we are including all Little Ocean Heroes in this year's World Oceans Day!

Together let's help them understand the plastic pollution problem that threatens the oceans and see what that means through children's lenses.  

How to Participate?

1. Ask you children, nieces and nephews, or neighbours to draw what microplastic-free ocean means to them.

2. Email us the drawing at until June 21, 2021,.

3. We'll send your little fellows a special gift!

The Joint Impact

52 plastic bags saved per household

Every household with PlanetCare filter saves 52 plastic bags per year from NEVER being released into rivers and oceans.

500 tons stopped in 5 years

PlanetCare users will stop over 500 tons of microfiber emissions from never entering the  wastewater in the next 5 years.

1 legislation passed

As of January 2025, all new washing machines in France will have to include a filter to stop synthetic clothes from polluting our waterways.

Started your sustainably laundry routine yet?