SolarNRG x PlanetCare For A Fully Sustainable Home

Harness the power of your solar panels for living even more sustainably. Filter your laundry waste water with world's first washing machine filter with proven efficiency to stop 90% of microfibers! For plastic-free laundry.


Why is this filter system unique?

  • It is the only filtering solution on the market which helps you filter your microfibers but also takes back your used cartridges & recycles the microfibers you collected.

  • The PlanetCare filter has been tested by independent labs in several countries. Even the EU is convinced: they awarded a grant for the company to pursue its research.

  • The PlanetCare filters captures microfibers of all sizes and ranges. Every 3-4 washes, you are preventing 1 plastic bag from landing in the oceans.

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By installing a PlanetCare microfiber filter you will keep a 🛍️ worth of plastic microfiber pollution out of the 🌊 every week.

SolarNRG: FREE Starter Kit + Refill Subscription


Get everything you need to start filtering microfibers from your laundry wastewater.

How it works?

◾ Get Filter & One Cartridge (approx 20 washes) for FREE (full price 49,95 EUR)

◾ When subscribing we will send you a package of 12 cartridges. When you install the last clean cartridge, you book a free collection for the used cartridges and we send you a new pack of 12 replacement cartridges.

◾ Install it in 10 minutes to any standard washing machine.

◾ Subscribe for a minimum of 12 months. Automatic payment every 1 month.

Everything included in the monthly subscription fee, no extra costs!


Want to make the 🌎 a cleaner place? Instantly stop microfiber pollution in your home for less than a cup of ☕ a month.