Shelbizleee started using PlanetCare in 2022

'The journey to creating a safer environment for the future generations isn't an easy one; but it is so worth it. PlanetCare is one of those products that does just that – it helps to make this world a healthier place to live in.' Shelbi

Why is this filter system unique?

  • It is the only filtering solution on the market which helps you filter your microfibers but also takes back your used cartridges & recycles the microfibers you collected.

  • The PlanetCare filter has been tested by independent labs in several countries. Even the EU is convinced: they awarded a grant for the company to pursue its research.

  • The PlanetCare filters captures microfibers of all sizes and ranges. Every 3-4 washes, you are preventing 1 plastic bag from landing in the oceans.

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XL Starter Kit: 144.50 EUR

World's first washing machine filter with proven efficiency to stop 90% of microfibers! For plastic-free laundry.

What's included?

🌎 PlanetCare ships worldwide!

📦 To get FREE SHIPPING with your XL Starter Kit purchase use code SHELBI22 during checkout. 



 With your purchase you will keep 52 plastic bags out of the ocean every year!

Microfibers: here, there, everywhere

Microfibers end up everywhere in the environment, from the highest peaks of Himalayas to deepest points of the Pacific. They are also in the soil where we grow food.  But microfiber pollution can be reduced if we capture it before it lands in the sewage network. 

Watch Shelbizleee video about the dangers of microplastics, where they come from, how they impact the planet & how to stop them