A fully circular, closed-loop solution

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do and ensuring that our filters don’t become waste is paramount to us. Long story short: we run a return-and-reuse service, meaning we reuse 95% of our filters and recycle 5%.

Simply catching microfibers that shed from our clothes during laundry is not enough. To make sure they never end up in our rivers and oceans and to minimise waste generation we run a return-and-reuse scheme for our cartridges.

How does that work? 

PlanetCare users return their used cartridges in the supplied box with pre-paid postage to PlanetCare. We disassemble the cartridge and remove the filtering medium with the fibers. This is done in a controlled environment, ensuring that caught fibers do not pollute water or the environment.

What do we do with the fibers? 

At the moment, we are safely storing the used filtering media. When we have a sufficient quantity, they will be reused/recycled. The current plan is to reuse the filtering mediums by converting them into insulation mats. However, we are continuously looking for viable and adequate solutions and will always choose the best available option to reuse/recycle the fibers. Incineration or landfilling are not acceptable.

The reminder of the cartridge is cleaned, fitted with a new filtering medium and shipped back to a user.