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polluting with your laundry?

That's great! The Earth needs more people like you!

There are many different ways on how to approach this fight. But before you commit to one of them, make sure you really understand what it takes to stop microfiber pollution at home.   

Skip this and show me the best solution! 

It comes down to 3 easy steps. 

Step 1: Make sure you really catch microfibers

Whether it's a laundry bag, a water filter, a microfiber-catching ball, it has one job — the thing has to catch microfibers before they go down the drain. This may sound as a no-brainer but unfortunately not all solutions have the same effectiveness. Although today it is physically impossible to filter 100% of super tiny fibers, choose a solution that is as close to that number as possible.   

Step 2: Give microfibers an afterlife, don't just throw them in the bin! 

Simply catching the fibers is only a start.  If you really want to make a change, ask yourself "Where should these fibers go then?" The complete solution should offer you a way to properly recycle microfibers that you catch. 

Step 3: Support policy change 

People like you and us are showing the world that microfiber pollution can be stopped. All our efforts should serve as an evidence for policy makers that we need new laws and make microfiber filters mandatory for all new washing machines. Make sure that the brand you decide to support is actively pushing for these changes.  

Laundry without microplastics

PlanetCare is the only available solution covering all 3 key steps!

Stops 90% of microfibers with
every laundry wash

Independently tested by real scientists in labs with global reputation. Officially endorsed by Swedish Environmental Agency. 

Collects and recycles

With our unique Closed-Loop service we collect used cartridges for free to recycle microfibers and refurbish cartridges for future use!

1 legislation passed,
more to go

Together with our passionate community we helped convince France to make filters mandatory from 2025. 

Trusted by people worldwide

"PlanetCare is the winner in the 'proven solution' category of the Zero Microplastics Challenge."

- RISE Research Institutes of Sweden

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