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PlanetCare's microfibre filters

PlanetCare 2.0 | For Existing Users

PlanetCare 2.0 | For Existing Users

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Are you an existing Planetcare user? Switch to PlanetCare 2.0 at a fraction of the cost! If you have unused cartridges at home, you can use them with PlanetCare 2.0.
PlanetCare 2.0 is the next generation microfiber filter: completely new, developed with help of over 7.000 PlanetCare users.

➡️ Better filtering efficiency (98%), automatic clog detection, bypass valve for washing clothes from natural materials, made from recycled materials. And part of the PlanetCare Closed Loop - filter cartridges are returned to us, where we remove the microfibers for recycling and refurbish the cartridges to be used over and over again!

🌊  With your purchase you will keep 52 plastic bags out of the ocean every year!

What's in the box?

When you order your Planetcare 2.0, you will receive the filter housing and the new attchment hose, but without filter cartridges.
You can use your existing filter cartridges and when you run out of clean cartridges, you can order the new cartridge Refill 12-pack or you will get the new cartridges as part of your subsrciption.


PlanetCare ships microfiber filters and replacement cartridges worldwide. ✈️ 

PlanetCare 2.0 is a completely new product that will be shipped in February 2023.

Shipping costs vary from country to country and also depend on the weight of your order. Exact costs are calculated during the checkout process. 

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Subscribe for auto-refill

Subscribe from €7.50/month and automatically receive new cartridges whenever you need them.

Every time you run out of cartridges, simply return the used ones to PlanetCare for refurbishment and we will automatically ship you new ones.

This Auto-Refill service is available WORLDWIDE. Shipping for returning used cartridges is FREE.

Our Closed-Loop Solution

PlanetCare washing machine filter is the first and only solution that stops 98% of microfibers and takes care of the whole cycle for a completely closed loop. 

Each filter comes with reusable cartridges that you simply replace once they're full of microfibers and send them back to us so we can recycle the caught microfibers and properly refurbish the cartridges for future use.  

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Need help?

We get it, saving the world from microfiber pollution can be overwhelming! We’re here for you, and ready to answer your microfiber questions.

Check out our Help Center or drop us a message at!👋

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3rd Party Lab Tested

Compatible with front and top loaders

Extremely Efficient

Made in EU from local recycled materials

When you wash your synthetic clothing, tens of thousands of microfibers go out with the wastewater in each load. They end up polluting the rivers and the oceans.


Recent research proved that we are eating and drinking plastic and that plastic fibers are literally raining down from the sky. 

Microfibers have been found our brain, lungs, blood and semen. They enter our bodies through food and water.

Every time you filter water when doing laundry, you're doing something good for the planet and your health. 


When you order your Starter Kit, you will receive everything you need to install the filter and start catching microfibers in 10 minutes:

  • 1 housing top with a cup
  • 1 holder
  • 1 tube (1.5m)
  • replacement cartridges (Small 3x / XL 13x)

Each cartridge lasts up to 30 laundry washes, depending on the materials washed.

All used cartridges are fully refurbished through PlanetCare's closed loop service.

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All used cartridges are fully refurbished through PlanetCare's closed loop service.

How to Install & Use?

  • Install a filter to your washer.
  • Do your laundry as usual. 
  • After the cartridge is full, replace it.
  • Send used cartridges back to us.

It’s that easy!


We will take care of used cartridges and make sure to recycle microfibers, as well as refurbish cartridges for future use. Return shipping is always FREE!



The only microfiber filter that stops 98%* of microfibers from laundry. Scientifically tested in independent laboratories. Field tested by over 7.000 PlanetCare users.



You can install it yourself! You don't need any tools and it only takes 10 minutes to install the filter and a minute to change the filter cartridge.

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Used cartridges are refurbished & reused and the caught fibers recycled.

Planetcare EXISTING FILTER.png__PID:1524f370-bb28-4f1d-bb24-cef0b483a8a6


A fully mechanical system detects when the filter cartridge is full and opens the bypass so you can finish your wash cycle and change the cartridge later.The bypass can also be activated manually - when you're washing cotton, wool or other clothes from natural materials.

185A6215 Large.jpeg__PID:d0447512-7a83-42be-b78e-2bc427335c84


The filter is made from recycled materials and is manufactured locally with local material suppliers. Because we believe in circular economy.

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PlanetCare Closes the Loop 🔁

Filtering the fibers is only the first step, what happens with the caught fibers is extremely important.

 That's why PlanetCare collects all used cartridges from you free of charge 📦 and refurbishes them. 95% of the cartridge (the shell) is washed, fitted with a new filtering medium, and sent back to customers. 5% (the filtering medium with the caught fibers) is collected for recycling ♻️.

Subscribe for Auto-refill

Subscribe from €7.50/month and automatically receive new cartridges whenever you need them. 

Every time you run out of cartridges, simply return the used ones to PlanetCare for refurbishment and we will automatically ship you the new ones. 

This Auto-Refill service is available in worldwide. Returning the used cartridges is FREE.


Free shipping and collection of used cartridges.

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