Meet the first and only washing machine filter with proven efficiency to stop 90% of microfibers. If you care about the environment, you can now stop releasing microplastics from your clothes into oceans.

""PlanetCare is the best microfiber filtering solution on the market"
- Swedish Environmental Agency, Dec 2020

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Important Facts

  • Plastic particles washed off from synthetic clothes contribute up to 35% of the primary plastic that is polluting our oceans. 
  • Recent research proves that we are eating and drinking plastic and that plastic fibers are literally raining down from the sky. 
  • Microfibers have been found in fish, plankton, chicken, sea salt, beer, honey, and in tap as well as bottled water.

Stop the Microfiber Pollution:
Filter Your Laundry Wastewater

When you wash your synthetic clothing, tens of thousands of microfibers go out with the wastewater in each load. They end up polluting the rivers and the oceans.

With our microfiber filter it's now possible to stop this. 

3rd Party Lab Tested

HE Compatible


Made in EU

Powerful Filtering

Our microfiber filter is the first and only washing machine filter with proven efficiency to stop 90% of microfibers with every laundry load. 


We collect used cartridges to refurbish and recycle them for future use! That way, no microfibers get released into oceans. 

Easy Installation

Install it in 10 minutes to any standard washing machine. Everything you need for installation is already included in the box!

Eco-Friendly Shipping

Replacement filter cartridges are sent in bulk to minimize the number of shipments and reduce the carbon footprint. 

Quick Installation

PlanetCare filters fit all standard washing machines. 

How to Use

1 filter cartridge = 20 loads 

  • First, install a filter to your washer.
  • Then, do your laundry as usual. 
  • After the cartridge is full, replace it. 
  • Send used cartridges back to us.

We will take care of your used cartridges and make sure to recycle microfibers, as well as refurbish cartridges for future use. (The costs for return shipping are always covered by us.)

Please note: if you wash a lot of cotton fabric and/or if you have pets at home that shed a lot of fur, your cartridges may last less than 20 washes. 

Every Laundry Counts 

Every time you filter water when doing laundry, you're doing something good for the planet. 

1 plastic bag LESS every week  

By simply installing a PlanetCare filter on your washing machine, you can stop throwing one light plastic grocery bag into the ocean every week.

Policy change  

Joint efforts of all PlanetCare users have already attracted the attention of policymakers and have a direct impact on legislation changes.

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Ocean Heroes

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FAQ about Microfiber Filter & Cartridges 

Our filters received Ocean Clean Wash Quality Label that assesses the feasibility of solutions and the commitments made by companies to stop microfiber pollution from synthetic clothing.

PlanetCare is the first filtering solution that received this certificate issued by Plastic Soup Foundation