Testing the PlanetCare filter

PlanetCare® – test

PlanetCare® filter performance was tested at Slovenian National Institute of ChemistryCentre for Validation Technologies and Analytics, holding EU quality control certificate, issued by Agency for Medicinal Products and Medical Devices of the Republic of Slovenia.

We performed 2 types of tests – with and without Planet care® filter incorporated into the washing machine. As a result indicator we used two types of filter – 2,5 micron micro filter and then 0,01 micron ultra-filter.

As a sample wash, we performed washing of one load on a contemporary washing machine – 1hour 55 minute programme, 40°C, Liquid detergent, Fleece Clothes. All drained water through the washing cycle was isolated into a separated pool. It was then pumped through 2,5 micron micro filter, and also through 0,01 micron ultra-filter.

Micro filter and ultra filter were then dried out by a Slovenian National Institute of Chemistry, waste was weighted.


One washing cycle produced 1403,95mg of plastic fibres to go through the drain water into the sewing system. Incorporated PlanetCare® filter was able to collect 1105,59mg of plastic fibres in the first washing cycle.