PlanetCare Filter

PlanetCare filter

How does it work?

The driving force of the procedure is the pressure differential caused by the density of the volumetric flux of permeate through the membrane. The membrane allows water to pass through hygroscopically and the successful operation of the system is assured by a minimal pressure differential.

The PlanetCare filter operates using water pressure created by the washing machine drain pump. The self cleaning function of the filter operates due to the flow of water through the filter. Certain filtration media begin to spin and with their construction and nano structure clean all the particles that adhere to the surface of the membrane.

Purified water flows through the membrane while microplastic fibres and contaminants are caught in the structure of electrically charged filtration fibers.

The self cleaning capability improves the permeability of the filter, assures a long service life and increases filter capacity by over 50 times.

Some more technical information

All microplastic fibres are retained in the filter cartridge which can be sent back to the filter producer to be recycled.

The PlanetCare filter has a large capacity and a long service life. The main reason is the design of the filter that allows it to self-clean during operation. Filtration media are rotated by the flow of water and the membrane is cleaned due to the physical design and interaction of filtration media. The structure allows the filter to effectively retain microfibers and other contaminants on the surface of the electrically charged nano material.