Patent pending

PlanetCare filter appliance patent

This is where we get technical:

The PlanetCare Filter, subject of innovation (International patent pending; international application number: PCT/SI2017/000019),  is a simple, yet efficient filter for removing microfibrers from washing machine waste water. The central part of the system is microfiltration of water based on electrically charged fibres and membrane nano-technology with a self-cleaning function.

Built in the washing machine, it enables the stoppage of waste microfiber without the use of chemical agents. The driving force of the procedure is the pressure differential caused by the volumetric flux of permeate through the membrane. The filter holds fibres ranging from 0,2-0,5 microns to over 1000 microns.

The filtration system for removing microfibers from washing machine waste water consists of a housing, filter cartridge and chamber. The cartridge is made of polyethylene fiber. The chamber operates due to the nano-filtration material creating a strong positive electrical charge in the filtration media. The entire system is integrated into a multilayered disc that assures a unique combination of effectiveness, efficiency, speed and low drop of flow pressure.