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PlanetCare Industrial filter

A perfect solution for hotels, hospitals, marinas,… every location where large quantites of laundry happen on a regular basis.

With its industrial solution the PlanetCare filter is a passive external unit component that is:

• material efficient
• does not add significantly to the complexity and management system of the machine
• does not increase energy consumption
The process is fully automatic and is run by the controller. The entire system needs no chemical compounds for working.


Water passes through the filter, removal of fibers is done at the point of filter regeneration so there is no opportunity for fibers to enter the wastewater again. (Even if a customer decides to simply throw the filter in the trash!)

PlanetCare guarantees that all spent filters will be reused and disposed in the most environmentally sound way.


• Waste water containing fibres enters central reservoir.
• 1st stage filtering: Concentrate pump sends water to filter bag to remove most (large) fibers
• 2nd stage filtering: High-flow, ceramic membrane with 0,01 𝜇m pore sizes
• Purified water completely free from microfibres, ready to be drained. All water filtered!
• Membrane backflush and ozone addition to disinfect and avoid decrease in performance


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