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PlanetCare Add-on filter

In its essence, PlanetCare Add-on filter is the same as the built-in version, the only difference being the timing of its installation. It is a simple solution for all who don't want to wait for the new washing machines with the already built-in filter.

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How it works

The Planet Care filter is specifically designed to capture microfibres. A patented layered filter structure is designed to distribute fibre capture through the entire depth of the filter preventing clogging and prolonging the lifetime of the filter. The layers ensure that fibres through the entire size range are removed. Optimal performance is possible with the combination of smooth-walled pores and pores with nanostructured walls that enhance the retention of small fibres which are most difficult to catch. Independent tests have confirmed this showing a marked reduction in the release of even the smallest particles down to 5 micrometres (the thickness of fibres is normally in the 10 – 20 micrometres!).

The filter is guaranteed to function for 20 washing cycles, after which the filter cartridge should be replaced. The cartridge is essentially the filtering medium whereas all the other parts are reused. This way a minimum amount of material is thrown into the trash.

The drain pump filter replacement filter needs to be ordered specifically for your washing machine since manufacturers use different designs. To order one you will need to specify that make and exact serial number or type of machine.


  • How do I know the filter is full?
    The bulit-in filters will follow the communication protocol of the washing machine producer and for the add-on filter we are developing our own smart communication compatible with smart phones.
  • How efficient are PlanetCare filters?

    35% of all microplastic pollution is attributed to microfibres. 60% of global fibre production are synthetic fibres - also in textiles and clothes being washed. PlanetCare filters efficiency has been tested in several environments and the results show that between 60 to 80% of all microfibres are caught. The more PlanetCare filters installed, the higher their impact! More about testings read here

  • How often does the PlanetCare filter need to be replaced?

    It depends on the type of clothes washed (different materials shed differently) and on the size of individual washing loads. Our tests show that in a household of four one PlanetCare filter lasts about 20 washes, then the membrane has to be exchanged with a new one.

  • What is the price of a set of PlanetCare filters?

    Our current calculations show the estimated price for a PlanetCare filter is between 35 - 40 €, depending on the model of the washing machine and the size of original drain pump filter. The only extra cost will be additional filter membrane (to exchange the full one) which will cost between 0,80 € – 2,60 € (dependent on ordered quantity).


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