Change Now!


Another invitation to present our solutions and more Paris for PlanetCare! ChangeNow, International summit for change, has nominated a selection of speakers and our dream team member Tina Kirn will be one of them!

On September 28th and 29th, the innovators, changing the world, will meet in Paris at 'the annual reunion for all enthusiasts who want to shake and shape the world we live in', as the ChangeNow puts it so nicely. Yet another great news and a terrific opportunity to let the world know what the PlanetCare team is up to. It is humbling to be part of a movement, so strong and determined to lead by example. We promise to do our absolutely best and prove to be worthy of such fine company. What we already can say now is that we fulfill all four criteria stipulated - PlanetCare will have a positive impact, PlanetCare does rethink the standards, we do have a viable business model and there most certainly is a tremendous potential for growth. So - keep your fingers crossed!

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