Baltic Sea Projects


Microplastic fibers pollution is a globally widespread from of pollution with a pin point source, that give us a unique opportunity to tackle it, maybe not just opportunity but also responsibility.

That is why we are developing new filters and as every development it takes time, effort, ingenuity and at the end money. Luckily there things such as Baltic Sea Project where Bank of Ă…land is giving back to the community, and in this final phase of public voting we would need support of all of you. I hope you would give a vote for our idea, but if you like some other entries more that is also OK because all of the ideas are great. In this competition I think all of the finalists will get some funding, only the ratio is deiced by public vote.

Thank you for your support!
P.S. When you vote you also get a chance to win 500 euros, which is also nice.