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testing our filters at national research council of italy

PlanetCare filters are specifically designed to catch fibres shed from textiles and clothes during washing and drying. The thickness and the length of shed fibres primarily depend on the structure and composition of the textile but also on washing /drying conditions (e.g. machine used, program, temperature, detergent, load etc.) In general, fibres have thicknesses of 10 micrometres or more and a very broad range of lengths.


earth day


Earth Day

Hosting a group of primary school pupils in our laboratory. They are already well aware of the water pollution and in particularly interested in solving the problems that plastics and microplastics cause to our planet.

fashion for good and planetcare

This is really big – Fashion For Good Plug and Play Accelerator, hundreds of applicants and only 15 selected to participate. Guess what?! Yes!! PlanetCare is one of them!!