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baltic sea projects


Baltic Sea Projects

Microplastic fibers pollution is a globally widespread from of pollution with a pin point source, that give us a unique opportunity to tackle it, maybe not just opportunity but also responsibility.

think beyond plastics investor forum

PlanetCare is honoured to be part of the Ellen McArthur Foundation / Think Beyond Plastics Investor forum hosted by ISC3 at Dechema in Frankfurt.

european innovation summit

PlanetCare team attended the 10th European Innovation Summit in the European Parliament in Brussels. Meeting on Tackling Microplastics with Sustainable Solutions organized by MEP Henna Virkkunen. Inspiring Impact Innovations!

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The iconic 19th century McEwan Hall in Edinburgh, Scotland sets the perfect stage for 130+ finalists to pitch their ideas to a renowned jury and PlanetCare is one of the competitors. 2018 ClimateLaunchpad Global Grand Final: unlocking green business potential.