Planet Care addresses 9 UN sustainable development goals!

UN goals

In a time when many doubt the common good the PlanetCare team firmly believes it is our mandate to help each other to a better life. We are proud and happy that our filters present an opportunity to contribute to 9 (nine!) UN sustainable goals:

(3) Good health and wellbeing – plastic fibres in the food chain are not good for you and can affect your health; We prevent it!

(6) Clean water and sanitation – there should be no plastic fibres in any water; Our contribution is meaningful!

(9) Industry, innovation and infrastructure – our filters represent innovation for everyone!

(11) Sustainable cities and communities – urban areas represent a huge burden on the environment; that we help reduce!

(12) Responsible consumption and production – PlanetCare filters help mitigate negative effects of consumption!

(13) Climate action – microplastics are a danger for marine environments and the climate depends on healthy oceans; PlanetCare filters reduce the amount of microfibres released into the oceans!

(14) Life below water – plastic fibres directly hurt aquatic organisms and have negative effects through the food web; PlanetCare helps!

(15) Life on land – plastic fibres pollute land and damage terrestrial organisms as well, removed and isolated or destroyed thay can not! PlanetCare solutions contribute a great deal!

(17) Partnerships for the goals – PlanetCare depends on a network of partners to reach goals. Alone we coulcn't do much and we are thankful for friends that help us!

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