Welcome to your Microfiber Filter

Follow these easy steps to get your filter up and running in no more than 10 minutes!

No professional help or extra tools required.  

Step 1

Take the housing top and attach it to the holder with the four screws provided.

Step 2

Remove the protective layer from the double sided tape attached to the back of the holder. Stick the holder with the housing top to the side of your washing machine or on the wall close to it.

Step 3

Attach the existing tube leading water from the washing machine to the "IN" attachment on the housing top and use the supplied tube to connect the "OUT" side to the drain.

Step 4

Stick the cartridge in the housing top and screw on the cup.

Step 5

Finally, attach the magnetic counter under the ON button of your washing machine. Use the counter each time you do your laundry. 

Your microfiber filter is now ready to use! After approximately 20 washes replace the cartridge for a new one.

And how to replace the cartridge?

Step 6

Unscrew the cup and remove the dirty cartridge. Let it drain and dry for return and reuse.

Now take a new cartridge and attach it into the housing top. Attach and tighten the cup and your filter is ready to use again.

Step 7

When you’ve installed the last clean cartridge, pack all your dirty cartridges in a box and return them to PlanetCare for recycling.

Shipping is on us! 

Thank you for caring!

If you have any questions or feedback please contact us at hello@planetcare.org.