News from our trip to Naples!

Why Naples? Because this is home of the National Research Council of Italy, Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche and it will be in their laboratories where our PlanetCare filters will be tested.

Under the leadership of Dr. Maurizio Avella and Mariachristina Cocca, who is in charge of microfibres, several different tests will be conducted and repeated, using different ‘laundry materials’. With this study we will provide a second independent source of research on how many microfibres are caught with the PlanetCare filter versus how many are released back into the system.

The tests will be conducted in the time frame of one month and we are expecting the final results in January. We will keep you posted!

Below is a photo of our Dream inventor Hakim with dr. Maurizio Avella, Mariachristina Cocca and their team.

National Research Council of Italy
National Research Council of Italy