All Our Testings

all our testing

It is not enough that we believe our filters are efficient. We have had them  tested for their fibre retention ability by internal procedures as well as by independent third parties. In all cases rigorous scientific procedures were used. The tests differ in the exact conditions used as there is no standard method available for such tests.

Summary of test results:

PlanetCare testing
The test showed a fibre emission reduction between 60 and 80 % (for an initial and improved design) and decreasing emissions when a single filter is used. Cumulative quantities were collected on a 1,6 micrometre filter)
Attachment: PC filter test April 2018

CNR IPCB, Pozzuoli, Italy test
The test used a filter cascade for filtering released fibres (400, 60 and 20 micrometre). Sports shirts (2,7 kg) were run on a relatively long cycle. The filter captured 64 % fibres (absolute) or 74 % relative vs. reference.
Attachment: CNR Report 3 Planet Care

Test by unnamed appliance manufacturer
The test was performed on a smaller sample (100 mL) by counting fibres. The result indicates an 80 % retention of fibres.
Attachment: RB retention summary

The results show that PlanetCare filters consistently remove fibres in the range between 60% (a conservative figure) and 80% of fibres from washing wastewater. These are first run figures whereas with continuous use of the filter the percentage of captured fibres increases.

We will continue to collect data on our improved and newly developed filter designs. It is a promise!