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Clean clothes, polluted oceans

The plastic problem Society is now waking up to the issues that surround plastic—how much we rely on it, how long it takes to decompose and how it ends up clogging up our environment and our oceans. But what is not so frequently t...

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Introducing the team: Mojca, team leader

We are a small and very passionate group of enthusiasts, coming from very different backgrounds and united through the same cause – caring about our planet.Mojca, a dream leader who is passionate about the planet and our health, w...

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The microplastic mess (and what you can do about it)

We’re starting to wake up to the impact that plastic has on our environment, particularly when it comes to our oceans—but less is talked about when it comes to microplastics.What are microplastics — and what’s the issue? Micropla...

Impact and sustainability

Impact and Sustainability

As for the sustainability factors concerning PlanetCare filters, let us first check the composition of the filter. It consists of three main parts :the filter housing with inlet and outlet openings, the filter cartridge body with ...