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“Catch them while you can!”

Thanks to the results of numerous studies, we recently became aware of how microplastics accumulate in all corners of our planet. Consequently they penetrate all pores of our lives. From the deepest points in the oceans, to the mo...

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Microplastic particles are everywhere

Tiny plastic particles less than 5 mm in size, called microplastics, are slowly, but persistently on the way to dominate our planet. An estimated 4,85 trillion such particles are found in the oceans resulting from more than 8 mill...

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6 tips on how to limit your microplastics intake and impact

Scientists are currently engaged in researching the impact of microplastics on our body, but many studies have already shown that microplastics have found its way into our bodies. A study shows that the average person eats and bre...