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Closing the loop: our return & reuse scheme

Stopping the release of microfibers into the environment is PlanetCare’s core mission. It underpins everything we do and all our decisions revolve around this overarching goal.Bringing the filter to life: composition of the Planet...

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Plastic for dinner?

Microfibres are found in our food and drinkThe more you look, the more you find. Scientists are increasingly finding microfibres contaminating our environment—from our groundwater to the sediment around beaches, the ice in the arc...

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Meet the PlanetCare Microfibre FilterThe evidence is clear—each time we do a load of laundry, we are flushing microfibres directly into our groundwater and oceans, which are now polluted by 4,85 trillion microplastic pieces.Someti...

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Plastic for breakfast?

Although we don’t yet fully understand how microplastic pollution affects humans, the evidence is clear that marine life is being affected, with 100% of crustaceans in the deepest parts of our global oceans having been found to co...